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 How Does MailMachinePRO send my newsletters?
 Sending newsletters is done using the php mail() function. Users also have the ability to send mail through their SMTP server.
 What are e-mail parameters and how do I use them?
 The term "e-mail parameters" refers to the information that is collected from the user when he/she signs up for your mailing list. To insert this user-specific data into your newsletter or autoresponder, click on the "Custom Field" icon in the WYSIWYG ed
 How do recipients choose between text and HTML e-mails?
 Messages sent with MailMachinePRO are sent using the MIME sending format, meaning that the end user's e-mail client determines how the message is viewed. If the e-mail client supports HTML language, the message would be displayed in HTML.
 How does MailMachinePRO handle bounced e-mails?
 MailMachine Pro handles bounced e-mails by tracking them, and if they exceed a certain limit(defined by you in the administration control panel), purging them from the e-mail list.
 Can I assign multiple administrators to MailMachinePRO?
 You can assign multiple administrators by logging into the main control panel using your "admin" username and your unique password. From there, you would click "Users"->"Add New" and enter in the specific information for the new mailing list administrator
 Can I send e-mails in batches and then wait for a bit and send more?
 Absolutely, MailMachinePRO has the ability to send X number of messages, then wait X number of minutes before sending more messages. These settings can be defined by logging into the main control panel using your "admin" account, and going through the fol
 How do I make the cconfig.php, uploadedfiles folder, backup folder, and images folder writeable by PHP?
 To change the permissions for the above files and directories to write for all, you can log into your web server via FTP and set the directory and file permissions to 777.
 What is the default username and password? I can't login!
 The default username and password after initially installing your copy of MailMachinePRO is username: admin and password: admin It is recommended that after logging into the control panel, you change the password to something only you will remember. You c
 I went to import my mailing list database and noticed that my database's format is different from the format required by the program. What can I do?
 You will need to sort your database in the order per the user guide. In Microsoft Excel this is a very simple process. If you need us to assist please let us know.
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