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Default Several pre-purchase questions.

I have been using my desktop/workstation for doing mailings for some time. I am frustrated by throttling my ISP's email system imposes (verizon) - less than 500/hour or get shut down for 24 hours as a "spammer". Having direct control through my email program over who my emails get sent to is a plus. But, with a mailing list of over 3000, it is inefficient and very time consuming. I am interested in MMP, but have several questions.

I would use MMP for the purpose of announcing musical performances to mailing list subscribers. Depending on the type of performance, I would want to send to one or another group of subscribers. I envision using the custom fields as Boolean indicating subscriber interest (i.e., one field for the dance crowd, one for the concert crowd, etc.) I would envision a single MySQL table with ALL subscribers and using the custom fields as list selectors. Can MMP filter a send list according to True/False values in custom fields?

Second question. Can I include an "Unsubscribe Me" link in an email and have MMP handle it appropriately? - either clearing some field in the database or deleting the record. If so, how does MMP handle this - does it delete the record or just flag it? When I use my desktop's email program to do the mailings, any "Unsubscribe" requests come directly back to me, but I'm not sure how this would work with a web-based approach.

Third question. Most of my mailings have a common format with details/content that differs for each event. Does MMP support creating custom templates that can be reused?
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Hi Ted,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for your interest in our software!

I received your email and just responded including answers to the questions you posted in this thread.

Best Regards,

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